Imperial Russia Trans-Siberian exclusive Train

Escorted Trans-Siberian travel on board of the «Imperial Russia» Train

“Imperial Russia” is an exclusive luxury train that offers the best trans-Siberian experience that is. What could be better than traveling across the vast Russian wild lands along with your friends in a cozy warm compartment while sipping hot tea from an antique glass? Admire the majestic spires of Kremlin and wondrous treasures of Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. Take a trip to Kazan where glorious Tartar people reside in harmony with Russians. Enjoy the serene landscape of the enchanted Ural Mountains in Yekaterinburg while learning the tragic fate of the last Russian Tsar. Behold the industrious and intellectual city of Novosibirsk and visit its Opera House. Take a boat trip to the lake Baikal – the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water inhabited by countless mesmerizing creatures, such as the unique in-land seals. Visit Ulan-Ude and Ulan-Bataar and learn the nomadic ways of deeply spiritual Buryats and Mongols, once the most powerful conquerors of Eurasia. Plunge into the eternal and timeless wonders of the Chinese civilization. Welcome aboard!