The Trans-Siberian is the longest railway on Earth. Beginning in Moscow and ending in Vladivostok, it is the most important axle, the main blood vessel of Russia, which still has an extreme economical ant strategic importance. Ekaterinburg (also known as Yekaterinburg) is known as the city where Bolsheviks killed the last Russian tsar, Nicolai II, and his family in 1918. Now it is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region and capital of Urals. The Europe-Asia Obelisk situated about 40 km west of the city, is marking the border between the two continents. We are glad to offer packages and city tours in Yekaterinburg all year round. You will get in touch with the inner side of Russia and leave the bustling and ever hurrying cities of Moscow and St Petersburg behind you. Excursions, city tours, hiking, horse sledding, snowmobiles, country skiing, dog sledding, caving, ice fishing, all what you can expect can be arranged in Yekaterinburg region.

City tour Yekaterinburg

Statue of Tatishev de Genin founder of Yekaterinburg city tour Tour Duration: 3 hours
Season: all the year round
Vehicles: by bus or car
You’ll be taken to the City Pond, Prospect Lenina, the Hill of Ascension and its ancient church founded in 1792, the Historic Square, the Dam, monument of founders of the city – Tatischev and Gennin, Peter’s Court, the Church of Blood at the Romanov Death Site, the Chapel of St. Elizabeth, the Square of the Soviet Army, the Square of the 1905 Revolution. Visit one museum.

Package price per group

1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5-6 PAX
120€ 145€ 155€ 190€ 210€

Special City Tour Yekaterinburg: Back in the USSR

Lenin picture symbol of USSR tour Tour Duration: 3 hours
Season: all the year round
Vehicles: on foot
Do you want to be back in the USSR! It is possible and you don’t need the time machine for this. Have a city tour of Yekaterinburg in Soviet Style. You will see a symbol of Soviet times, the residence of KGB, Gorodok Chekistov (CheKa officers’ cantonment), Ekaterinburg Afghanistan war memorial soldier statue designed in the form of a Soviet symbol, a sickle and a hammer. Then you will make your way to the District Officers’ House, it was built in ‘Stalin Empire’ style on the Russian Army Square. You will see the open air museum of defence technology and the Afghanistan War Memorial. After this sightseeing tour, you may want more to taste Soviet life, the guide will propose you to eat in the restaurant ‘USSR’ (lunch is not included in price).

Package price per person

1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5-6 PAX
55€ 45€ 30€ 25€ 25€

Trip to the border Europe and Asia obelisk

Asian and Europe board memorial around Ekaterinburg tour Tour Duration: 3 hours
Season: all year around
Attractions: The Ural Mountains are regarded as the border between Europe and Asia. To the west of the Urals lies European Russia, the cradle of the Russian culture and to the east lies the vast land of Siberia. You will visit the obelisk between Europe and Asia. You can put one foot in Europe and another one in Asia and take some unique photographs. On the way you will stop at the memorial complex, which was set up in 1995 in honour of the victims of Stalin’s repression.

Package price per group

1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5-6 PAX
120€ 145€ 155€ 190€ 210€

The Romanov’s dynasty in the Urals (Ganina’s Pit) tour

Romanovs memorial Ganina’s Pit around Ekaterinburg tour Tour Duration: 3 hours
Season: all year around
Distance: 15 km from Yekaterinburg
For the whole world, Yekaterinburg is the location where the last Russian Emperor Nickolay II and his family, savagely lost their lives. This tour shows you the most dramatic period of Russian history, the time of the Revolution. The czar’s family was executed in the basement of Ipatiev house on the night 16-17th of July in 1918. Just after the well-known midnight tragedy the corpses were transported out of the city and put in an open mine (about 10 meters deep), called Ganina’s Pit or Ganina Yama. Hand grenades were thrown down the mine shaft by their executioners. Russian Orthodox Church insists on the version, that the bodies were taken out of the mine, dissected and burnt into ash. There is the monastery there founded in 2000 after the visit of Patriarch Alexij II – the Head of Russian Orthodox Church. The church in the Names of Saint Newly Martyrs and five wooden churches have been built in honour of different Russian Saints on the place where the remains of the Romanov’s were burnt. The churches were built with the local timber without the aid of any nails.

Package price per group

1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5-6 PAX
130€ 155€ 165€ 200€ 220€

The Europe – Asia obelisk + Romanov’s Monastery (Ganina’s Pit) tour

Duration: 5 hours
Season: all year around
Attraction: This is a combination of both above tours in Yekaterinburg: The Europe Asia border and Romanov’s Monastery Ganina’s Pit for people who are limited on time.

Package price per group

1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5-6 PAX
140€ 165€ 185€ 220€ 280€

City package Yekaterinburg 3 days/2 nights

Ekaterinburg down-town City hall tour

  • Transfers upon arrival and departure (from airport or train station)
  • City tour Romanovs in Yekaterinburg by car
  • trip to Ganina Yama – secret grave of Nikolaj the II and his family
  • Accommodation in chosen hotel in double room incl. breakfast

Package price per person 2 PAX
Hotel Iset 3 stars 360€
Hotel Oktyabrskaya 3+ stars 320€
Hotel Ural 4 stars 420€

In addition, we can also organize multi days guided tours around Yekaterinburg. For larger groups (4-12 persons) we can arrange special programs at discounted rates. For further information please contact us. Summer Journeys are possible from April till November and Winter Journeys are recommended from December to April. Combination with Moscow tours or St.Petersburg tours or additional to our Trans-siberian individual trips are possible. We will be happy to make an individual offer.

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