Moscow - capital of Russia

Moscow, a city of more than 11 Mio people, extends on a surface of 880 km2 and is undoubtably Russia’s most booming city. The reform process and economic climate has transformed the Russian capital from a gray moloch into a colorful and pulsating metropolis with charm and many surprises. You may check our page about Moscow today under our language courses in Moscow section.

Main places of interest in Moscow

The Kremlin of Moscow, the city inside the city, with its many churches Redsquare in Moscow , sumptuous museums (e.g., armoury, Diamond Fund exhibition), and government buildings is the sign of Moscow’s great power and not to be missed.
Nearby, is the famous Red Square with St Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, history museum and GUM.
The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow treasuries of Russian art are some of the Moscow pushkin museum for all art lovers.
Novodevichy convent and Danilov monasteries, newly rebuilt powers of the Russian Orthodox church.
Vorobyevy Gori (Sperrow Hills) and Moscow State University.
Kolomenskoe, an ancient royal country seat amid a huge park along the Moscow river, not far from Moscow State University.
Moscow metro stations (Koltsevaya Line, e.g., Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya)
VDNH exhibition center, which features Soviet style architecture and monuments. Novodevichi convent Moscow
Peredelkino, the house of Pasternak, a quiet village outside Moscow.
KGB museum, Lubyanskaya Ploshad, a must to see for all historians.
Old and New Arbat streets, Moscow’s pedestrian area with shops and little cafes.
Lenin Library with more than 6 million books.

If you have more time to spend for excursions around Moscow, Suzdal church you should visit Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslav, Zagorsk, the cities of the Golden Ring. These cities in the North of Moscow preceded Moscow as the political and cultural heart of Russia. The towns’ churches, monasteries and Kremlins make an incredibly pitoresque ensemble of early Russian craft work. Today, these towns are little more than villages, which provide a glimpse of Russia’s peaceful country life. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Place to stay in Moscow for more information.

Another must is a boat trip on the Moscow river, along the Novodevichy monastery, Gorky Park and the Kremlin. Boats leave every 20 min between 12 pm and 8 pm from the pier at Kiev Station.

Dining out in Moscow

  • Eliseyevsky Gastronome, Ulitsa Tverskaya 14, here you eat like the Czars back in the old days: coffee, cheese, and caviare in the a spectacular store in “Jewishstyle”.
  • Rossyia Hotel (Restaurant at the top of), Ulitsa Varvarka 6, Enjoy a breathtaking view on the Red Square from this 23rd floor restaurant.
  • Kitesh, Ulitsa Poetravka 23/10 (209 66 85) Rustic restaurant (17th century style) serving typical Russian specialities. Open daily 12 am to 12 pm.
  • Uzbekshistan, Ulitsa Neglinnaya 29/14 (923 05 85) Central Asian type cousine and decor, belly dancers and Uzbekh music make this restaurant a favoroute exotic place in Moscow.
  • Cafe Pushkin, Tverskoy Bulvar 26 (229 55 90) Most stylish cafe in Moscow, where the new rich meet. Open 24 hours daily.
  • Stolovaya Pelmeshka, Kusnetsky Most 4 (292 83 92) Canteen style Russian Fast Food restaurant. Here you get all the traditional Russian food (e.g. Pelmeni) – in old Russian style. Prices are cheap.

Chains of restaurants, like Iolki Polki and Mou Mou for Russian cuisine, Tarass Boulba for Ukrainian cuisine and Schesche Besche for Kirghize cuisine, are good places to eat nice and typical food for very low prices.

Bars and clubs in Moscow

  • B2, Ulitsa Bolshaya Sadovaya 8, (209 99 09) A huge complex of bars, restaurants, lounges and billiard rooms in the rooms of a former government ministery. Open daily 24 hours.
  • Propaganda, Bolshoy Zlatoustinky Pereulok 7 (924 57 32) One Moscow’s most popular and oldest clubs, with bars, restaurant and dance floor (house).
  • Cult, Ulitsa Yauzskaya 5 (917 57 06) Club in the cellar of a liquor store. The entry is on the right in front of the building downstairs (red door).
  • Gertsen, Gazetny Pereulok 1/12 (220 66 13) Elegant business club to relax, features Cigar lounge, wine cellar, sauna and restaurant.
  • Zapashnik, Starosadsky Pereulok 5 (928 87 45) Summer garden atmosphere under trees in the very heart of the city. Entry is from the street across the courtyard and through an iron gateway.
  • Wodka-Bar, Uliza Lwa Tolstowo 18b (246 9669) nearby the metro station „Park kultury“ not far from Moscow State University. to meet young Russians in a stylish bar mixing elements of the old sowjet times with modern design.

Safety in Moscow city

Moscow is much safer than its reputation and has a crime rate well below other major European or U.S. cities of comparable size. Public transportation is recommended even at night, and all Metro stations and major streets are guarded by the Moscow Police. Always carry your passport (a copy is enough) with you, as a law requires you to produce your ID at all times.
Medical and Emergency aid

Emergency Numbers: Fire 01 / Police 02 / Ambulance 03

Medication in Moscow

Take your own medication with you, since you will not know whether your preferred or prescribed medication is available. Western pharmacies can be found at:

  • ‘Litpharm’, Ul Tschernjachovskogo 4, Tel: 155 87 88, 155 70 80
  • ‘Pharmakon’, Ul. Tverskaja 4, Tel 292 08 43, 292 03 01
  • ‘Sana’, Ul. Nischn. Pervomaiskaja 65, Tel 464 12 54
  • ‘Drug Store House, 4 4th Dobrininsky pereulok, Tel 237 40 34

Many Russian pharmacies will be able to provide you with safe (general) medication, e.g., aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc…

Medical Clinics in Moscow

There are several Western European Medical Centres:

International SOS operates also a 24 Hour Alarm Center: Tel. 937 64 50 (during the day) or 937 64 77 (24-hours).

Make sure your insurance will cover the costs at these clinics. Entering the clinics, you might be asked to make a deposit by credit card.

No vaccinations are required for Western tourists visiting Moscow and Russia in general. If you spend more than 3 months in Russia, you must present evidence of a recent AIDS test when applying for a visa. Please check also the US government travel health pages or Travel Health On-line for current medical recommendations/requirements and disease outbreaks in countries you may plan to visit.

Transportation in Moscow

Moscow’s main roads are notoriously congested virtually round the clock. Official taxis are rare and very expensive. The most efficient and cheapest way to get around the city of Moscow is the Moscow Metro and foot. Taxis to the airport are best organized by your hotel.

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