Testimonial 5

Thank you so much for your excellent service in arranging our Trans-Siberian Railway tour. Our trip had gone smoothly and we had a great and memorable time. In Novosibirsk, some of us went to watch the ballet ‘Gisele’ at the beautiful Opera House, while another group went to watch a comedy at a theatre in the park. I enjoyed the ballet performance very much and the price was really affordable. We had very good guides in most of the places we visited and they spoke good English and had great knowledge of the history and information of the places we visited. The only guide with some problems with her English was the young guide in Yekaterinburg. Nevertheless, she was very friendly and tried her best to find the correct words to express.
Our guide at Irkutsk (Sergei) even introduced us to kbac, a fermented beverage made from black bread which we found very refreshing. During our boat trip on Baikal Lake, he even brought with him some homemade tea (that he brewed with herbs that he collected) and pancakes to enjoy during the boat ride. We greatly enjoyed his commentary and his knowledge and very good English made him an excellent guide.
We would also like to thank our guide at Ulan Bator (Olgy) for his great service and for changing our included meals to chicken or fish under such short notice. Despite his constant reminder to be careful of our belongings and valuables, one of our group member lost her handphone at the very busy Gandan Monastery. With his assistance, my friend was able to make a report at a local police station and obtained a written report so that she can make a claim for insurance back home in Singapore. It was an unfortunate incident but my friend was able to make a call home to have her line terminated immediately.
Thank you once again for your prompt and excellent service. I will certainly recommend your travel agency to any of my friends or relatives if they are interested to go on a transsiberian trip.
Warm Regards

Li Hong and co, Singapore