Testimonial 4

Feels like the transsib is already long time ago.
Moscow is an incredible city. Impressing buildings, I always felt Munich to be tiny compared to Berlin. But now Berlin feels tiny compared to Moscow :-) Besides the tourist spots I’ve walked around and enjoyed art district, Gorki Park by day and night and swan lake ballet.
And I had to learn that Russians really love Modern Talking, while Germans are ashamed of them :-)
The third class journey to baikal lake was good, but really nobody in my wagon spoke one word english. it was kind of meditation retreat… and I was the only tourist. And I would recommend to take another stop earlier than 86 hours, which was not my best idea. nearly 4 days on the train is quite challenging. around baikal lake could have been very nice but unfortunately there were so many forest fires that the air was sticky and yellow. Everything felt like we were surrounded of a big bbq. next stop was Mongolia and it was incredibly awesome. I was traveling around for 2 weeks with a small group. To the south and via central Mongolia back to UB. Sanddunes, valleys, mountains, horseback riding, camel riding from ger to ger. Its quite a reduced life – no fluent water, don’t tell you about the „bathrooms“ and stomach has to get used to food. You shouldn’t play cards and punish the looser with drinking shots of fermented horse milk – that ends up in collective stomach ache… also meat/ food is bit challenging as they have no possibility to keep them cool. But, after those weeks my stomach can handle nearly everything, haha. And I was so impressed of the Mongolian kindness, the happy kids integrating us immediately. Mongolia showed once more that happiness is autark of money.
Beijing was much more better than I expected and I was lucky that at this time there had been a sport championship and Chinese 70 years celebrity. So factories had to reduce their smog outcome and taadaa: we had a blue sky. I enjoyed Beijing, can fully recommend art zone 798 and those tiny hutongs. Further I spent some days in the middle of nowhere to walk along an unrestored sector of the great wall for a couple of days. But military driving through Beijing felt kind a weird…

It was a great trip and I can fully recommend it.
Just arrived in Kathmandu yesterday after spending 3 weeks on Bali traveling around. Bali is a jewel with its nature, jungle, volcanoes and hinduism culture and peoples – should put it on your list if you hadn’t been there. Tomorrow we fly to Bhutan for the Snowman Trek along the Himalaya.

Yves, thank you again for your support, also with the confirmed flight for my visa and the good organization!

Katharina, Germany