Testimonial 2

We 3 ladies are back from an amazing trip and it is especially so for Jen and I as we were on our Trans Siberian trip!
Your arrangements were spot on. The guides were always waiting by the carriage upon arrival at the various stations. We never felt anxious upon arrival in a strange town. Thanks to your impeccable itinerary.
I would like to especially mention our guide in Moscow, Svetlana. She was the funniest Russian we came across in our entire journey. She had an acute sense of humour while relating the history of a place. She had us splitting in laughter at the Kremlin while the other tourists looked upon us in amazement! She was a most wonderful lady.
Maria at the Lake Baikhal chalet was most accommodating and generous at meal times. It was a pleasure to stay in such beautiful surroundings and enjoy the food and place.
Our guide at Lake Baikal, Daimanyu, was also brilliant. In that short time we spent with him, we learnt so much of the history and culture of the Siberian inhabitants. He was an excellent conversationalist, which made the afternoon that more interesting. As we were then travelling on the Mongolian train, he was on the platform to ensure that we were safely on board and even spoke to the person in charge on the train, to confirm that we had the 4 seater cabin to ourselves.
The Russian trains were good. Unfortunately we could not take a shower as they charged 300 Roubles. Luckily we brought enough wet wipes and that solved the problem. There is not much to say about the Mongolian train except that the Mongolians were indeed very friendly. As for the Chinese train, luckily it came with a shared basin and shower. Unfortunately the train itself was not too hygienic.
I have to thank you for the arrangements. It made a trip that I had been wanting to do for so long, a most memorable one. It was amazing!!

Thank you Z&P!

Cres, Jen and Maria, Singapour