If you book a individual trans-Siberian tour or a group travel with us, we will provide you with all necessary documents in order to apply for visas. Bellow you will find more details about the different visas requested on the Transsiberian railway.

Which visas do you need?

If you travel only on the trans-Siberian route, trips in Russia only from Moscow to Vladivostok, you need only a tourist visa to Russia.
If you travel on the trans-Mongolian route a Russian visa, a Mongolia visa and a Chinese visa is needed.
If you travel on the Trans-Manchurian route, strait from Russia to China, you do not need a Mongolian visa, only Russia visa and China visa.

Double entry visas

  • Visa to China and double entry trip, (i.e to Hong Kong and back again or to Mongolia and back again). You will need a double entry China visa.
  • Visa to Russia and double entry trip, if you travel from/to and back from/to Russia from/to Mongolia or China you will need a double entry Russian visa. Also if you take a flight that will transit via Moscow on you way back from Beijing or Ulan-Bator, you may need a double entry visa.

Transit visas

  • If you transit Mongolia without getting off the train, a Mongolian transit only visa is required.
  • You may also need a Belarus transit visa if you plan to travel overland between Russia and Eastern Europe, check your local Belarus consulate for more info.

Russian Visa

Once you have confirmed your travel and we have received a deposit payment we will send you the Russian Visa Support documents so you can make the application at your local Russian embassy. If you do not book a travel with us and need only a Russian invitation letters visit our Russian visa page. Visa support for Russia can be booked separately. More details about the Russian Visa.

Mongolian Visa

The Mongolian tourist visa or Mongolian transit visa is normally straightforward to obtain and you do not require any supporting paperwork for the Mongolian tourist visa application. If you do need any documents, we can supply the official invitation. More info on the Mongolian Visa

Chinese Visa

The Chinese tourist Visa is also easy to arrange in most embassies around the world. You do not need any supporting documents for a standard 30 days tourist visa. If you do need an invitation, we can supply the documents if you book any travel services with us. More info on the Chinese Visa

Consular visas service

For people living in Switzerland, we can propose our consulate visa services for Russia visa, Mongolia visa and China visa, in other terms we arrange the visas at the local consulates in Switzerland. For other citizenship contact us and we will give you our local agent contact to assist you.
If you cannot take advantage of our visa service, we send you the visa support documents and you make the visa applications yourself at your local embassy.